Hi, we're Dave and Christie Meradith! We're so excited to meet you! 
Dave is an electrician by trade and a certified dreamboat by the 61 point checklist Christie's had going since she was 5 years old. 
He helps around all of the properties with electrical and sometimes as a handyman or a baby holder ha! 
I (Christie) am just a mom and a wife with a list of things to do longer than the Sacramento River ... and yet, I run this dream come true too! 

As a company, our core values are
Adventure, Beauty, Excellence, Fun & Warmth!

We LOVE helping people, providing memorable experiences and injecting JOY,
one family vacation at a time.
We're here to create space in everything we do that
 makes way for people to connect. 

With each other.
With our city.
With nature.

Meet The Meradith's

About The Company